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  5 shoelaces are displayed, all held together, side-by-side, in one closed fist with the ends of the laces completely visible. 
They're all identical in color and length.   
The performer then explains the premise; a "Russian roulette" type effect... 4 of the 5 shoestrings will be grabbed - and PULLED - from the performer's hand, one at a time, until only one string remains in the hand.   He says that he's "pretty sure" he knows which string will be left behind, and so has made a prediction... 
He has tied ONE item to ONE of the strings... This item is hidden in his closed fist.  After a couple of FREELY SELECTED shoelaces have been stripped from the performer's hand, the performer tells the audience what the hidden "mystery" item is; a RAZOR BLADE.  "So you understand," explains the performer, "that all of these strings will slide freely from my tightly closed fist...except for one."   

Tension builds as, one by one, strings are randomly pulled out by different spectators. Them with only two remaining the spectator is asked to grab one. 

Suddenly the performer wildly pulls his fist back, freeing the empty string. Now only one string remains in his hand.   With no funny moves, he opens his fist, revealing A VERY REAL RAZOR BLADE.  

Audience tested and proven
No stooges  
No forcing  
FREE string selection
 No difficult sleights  
SAFE to perform but creates the illusion of extreme danger 
Nothing to hide 
No Palming 
Ends clean   
Can be easily, quickly and inexpensively assembled at home. 
No "backstage" set up required at all.  
Plays on stage or close-up, and can be completely surrounded.  

Morgan's Razor's Edge is a brilliant effect combining mystery, suspense and danger all in the palm of your hand.
Andrew Mayne  

LOVE THIS! It has immediately gone into my show!
Dan Sperry 

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